Cupcake madness

Fancy food bloggers, would you do me a favor and start putting your recipe at the top of your post, please? Just lead with how to make the damn gingerbread cupcake. Don’t make me have to scroll through 15 high quality photos of the cupcake to get there. Shots of the cupcake from the front, the side (delineated by use of props because, guess what, cupcakes don’t have fucking sides), aerial views, black and white filters, extreme closeups of frosting. Guys, it’s a cupcake, not your firstborn son.


But maybe I’m being insensitive. Maybe you are trying to compensate for the ephemeralness inherent to being a cupcake by attempting to give it a sort of immortality through the medium of photography? While I admire your intention (not to mention your skill at anthropomorphism), I think it could be better conveyed through a series of action shots. Show the cupcake out there, living its delicious but oh so fleeting life to the fullest. Maybe some photos of the cupcake skydiving or completing its first 5K run. The cupcake sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset. A tribute to a cupcake who didn’t resign itself to a life of quiet desperation but instead leapt off that Williams&Sonoma cutting board and made the most of the time it had left. Those kind of photos I wouldn’t mind scrolling through.


But the recipe should still be at the top.



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